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April 01, 2022

Mayor Kevin Lundrigan of Burin addresses the public at the Health Accord NL rally in Marystown March 27, 2022

March 15, 2022




March 03, 2022

Notice to Property Owners beyond Ed White's residence on Winterland Road to the end of the Municipal Boundary just beyond Golden Sands Resort on Winterland Road.

During the preparation and submission to Government, the Town of Burin during its 2022 budget review process, passed a motion to continue to provide fire service to properties in the noted area.

The estimated cost for service that is provided to residents and businesses of Burin is $80 per property. This same fee is charged to the Town of Lewin's Cove, the Town of Fox-Cove Mortier and the local service district of Epworth-Greater Salmonier.

As such, in Budget 2022, Council passed a motion to implement the same cost of $80 for fire projection beyond the service boundary of Burin to property owners in the above noted area and a separate cost for any businesses that are operating in the area.

To that effect, we need to be able to send out the annual invoice to the property owners, if you are a property owner in this area, could you please provide us a mailing address for the invoice and your physical location so we can assist the fire department if they need to respond by calling 891-1760 or email at

Any negative comments will be deleted.

Yours in Fire Safety,

Town of Burin

February 09, 2022
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